There is no camera that can make a picture.

No lens, no lights can make a picture.

Forget about different cameras and accessories, just use what you’ve got.

Only your eyes can make a picture.

the lotus & the dragonfly


Cloudia said...


That touch of color at the tips,
the crispness,
soft background...

Just WoW

Aloha from Waikiki;

Comfort Spiral

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Robin said...

Beautiful lotus blossom! I enjoy shooting them too but I'd love to find one without a bug in it someday. Your dragonfly is more photogenic than the little creatures I tend to find in there.

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Dianne said...


deborah said...

so beautiful!

Hilary said...

So pretty. Great focus.

Robin said...

Daryl, lovely shot! The Dragon's a nice bonus! Maybe guarding the nearby fairy!

Virginia said...

Excellent!. We both have found dragonflies on lilies!! V