There is no camera that can make a picture.

No lens, no lights can make a picture.

Forget about different cameras and accessories, just use what you’ve got.

Only your eyes can make a picture.



deborah said...

What attention to detail the builders used to have - even a decorative detail in the roof tiles.
Wonderful roof lines!

cloudia charters said...


Warm Aloha from Honolulu
Comfort Spiral

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Dianne said...

oh my this is so so pretty
red brick and dramatic skies and bits of light on the windows

Fireblossom said...

Is it haunted?

Judy said...

My first thought when I saw this picture - - it reminded me of a picture my son sent from Bulgaria, only there were dozens of cats on the roofs of his building. He may have had cats, but your building is prettier :)

lisa said...

I love the Victorian style, and this is a true beauty!